Start Over in 2013 by Giving Back

By Corrinne Bollendorf

As the Christmas Trees start coming down and New Years Eve party plans start to emerge; we are excited for what’s to come in 2013! Instead of making a New Year Resolution to better yourself, why not make a resolution that will better the world?

At KANDALS, bettering the world we live in is part of our mission and deeply engrained within our passions. We are more than a just a shoe company, we pride ourselves in being a platform for sustainability.  Coming up with innovative ways to support sustainability within our company and within ourselves, we chose to participate in ethical practices because we believe that it not only results in a quality product, but helps promote ethical and sustainable practices worldwide. That is why we partner with Trees For the Future, and plan on partnering with more transparent non-profit organizations in the future.

On that note, we would like to urge everyone to give back and help out for the year 2013, or at the very least, make giving back to your community just one of the resolutions on your list.

Don’t know where to start? No worries, we have some ideas for you. Remember, it only takes one small step to give back in a big way. In many instances, the littlest things make the biggest impact; it is the final sum of the smaller tasks that end up truly changing things.

There are many different ways to give back and promote sustainability in your community. For instance, beach clean-ups, can be a fun and easy way to give back to your coastal areas and help make your beach community more sustainable and enjoyable for the long term. Don’t have a beach nearby? Try volunteering at your local Soup Kitchen.  Serving hot meals to the homeless can be a very rewarding and eye opening experience, and helps the homeless to get back on there feet again.

Don’t have time to volunteer? A valid excuse yes, but even if you don’t have the ability to devote time to volunteering, there are many programs that need your donations of business clothing, shoes and accessories. Donating gently used business clothes to programs that help place unemployed people into new jobs, are in desperate need of appropriate interview clothing. It is as easy as cleaning out the closet, loading the clothes in your car, and dropping them off.  Some of these work programs also may offer to pick up donated clothes for free!

KANDALS has big things planned for 2013 and we want you to be informed so you can be a part of them! Our customers are our biggest spokesperson and are spreading the word about sustainability simply by purchasing our shoes! We hope that we have inspired you to make a New Years Resolution to give back to causes that deserve immediate attention.

We wish you good health and a Happy New Year!!

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