Back to school the smart way!

It’s a new semester and we all know what that means more books, meal plans, tuition payments, and a whole lot of money going bye-bye. No doubt your wallets are already hurting from all that holiday cheer, so how can you save some of your precious dough this spring semester? Well, here at KANDALS, we have found new ways on how to be frugal. Below are just a few ideas we found helpful!

1) Textbooks 

Textbooks are the priciest and on occasion the most useless purchase of the semester. The week before classes start we get caught up in the hype of the bookstore and decide to purchase all of our textbooks right away. However six months and a couple hundred dollars later we find majority of our books haven’t even been open once. Believe it or not this whole scenario can be avoided, all it takes is a little patience. Usually within the first week of classes a person can tell whether or not their professor is textbook happy or not. So wait until the first Friday and then decide if it would be a wise decision to get a textbook. Now even if you do wait, buying a new textbook can cost an arm and a leg. That is until you explore the alternatives.  Renting or buying used textbooks on websites like Amazon or eBay can cost a significant amount less, and sometimes the college bookstore also offers these types of services.

2) Housing

While living in the dorms provides the ultimate college experience, it can get expensive. A nice alternative is getting an apartment/house close to or on campus. Going into this type of living situation with a few or several roommates still creates a fun college atmosphere while keeping the cost at a minimum. While it may not be ideal the farther from campus the cheaper housing tends to be.

3) Entertainment 

College is all about having fun and trying new things, so why not take advantage of the activities on campus. Sporting events are go -to events due to the fact that there are sports for every season and the games are discounted for students. Musical concerts and theatrical plays are also a fun and cheap way to spend an evening. Finally school clubs put on events to promote their activity or cause, these events are often free and informational.

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We wish you a great semester! 

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