Layers on Layers

 The weather outside is frightful, so bring on the layers! Fall and winter are by far the most versatile seasons for fashion. Scarves, tights, and of course sweaters are just some of the season’s trendiest attire. However if you do not know how to properly layer these articles of clothing you could end up a hot mess! We have come up with a few basic tips to keep everyone on track this winter.


Who says it is too cold to wear a dress? Not us! Dresses are absolutely appropriate for winter if paired with warm accessories. When dealing with a short dress you want to wear tights in order to make the look match the season. If your dress already has a pattern, neutral colored tights will fit nicely. If your dress is a little plain Jane then bright colors or patterned tights will help jazz it up. Once you have chosen your tights it is time to look for the right pair of shoes. Boots paired with some knee socks with create a cute youthful look, while ballet flats will add sophistication. Finally if you are looking to add a jacket we recommend something structured to counteract the looseness of the dress.


If you are looking for a more effortless look you can never go wrong with a basic trench and jeans. Almost any top can be worn under your trench as long as it does not exceed the length of your belt loops. Shirts that are long and flowing will tend to give off a pregnant lady vibe when worn with an over sized trench. Now that does not mean these types of shirts are banned, all that is required is a simple tuck and belt. When selecting jeans it is best to choose skinny or slim fit to off set the large trench. 


The trickiest of all layers is when dealing with multiple shirts, if done incorrectly a person could end up looking about 10 pounds heavier! When layering tops, 3 is the magic number, anymore will be too much. Your bottom shirt should be the most form fitting that way there is no initial bulk or bunching. Your second layer will be your sweater. Depending on your torso length, you will want either a short or long sweater, but try avoiding anything too boxy – that is just unflattering on everyone. If you choose to add a third layer make it a structured or tailored jacket that goes in at the waist. Pair the top with slim fit jeans and ballet flats for a sleek look. 

Keeping these simple tips in mind will make dressing for winter a breeze! For additional outfit ideas check out our Pinterest page and follow us on Instagram for our trend of the week!

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