The Many Faces of Mason

This past year almost everyone has caught the DIY bug. Sites like Pinterest and Etsy have promoted creativity in a new and stylish way. This coupled with the growing awareness of sustainability has made upcycling the hot new trend. It seems that the most popular of these reusable materials is the mason jar. They are everywhere, in our cupboards, in the garden, and some have even hung them from the ceiling! These little guys aren’t just for preserving anymore. If you are struggling to hop on this bandwagon look no further, because we have found 3 creative ways to get you going. Oh and p.s. if you are still using your jars for canning there is a little surprise at the end for you too!           


To start we will go with an easier project. All you need are:

         Mason jars of various sizes

         At least three colors of glow in the dark paint

         Small and Medium paintbrushes

Clean out your mason jars with water, or rubbing alcohol to make it shine. Take the paintbrushes covered in glow in the dark paint, and make dots all around the inside of the jars. The more dots you make the cooler it will turn out! Allow to dry for a few hours in sunlight. Then place them in the garden or a bedroom and watch the “stars” come out.



The mason jar soap pump is easy and you get to feel like a handy man for a few seconds! The materials needed for this project are:

·         1 Mason jar w/ lid

·         Old soap pump

·         Drill

·         Hot glue gun

·         Twine or lace (for decoration)

·         Liquid Hand Soap

First you are going drill a hole in the lid of your mason jar, the size of your hole will depend on the size of the soap pump tube. You will then put a ring of hot glue around the edges of the hole and place your pump through the hole. Hold the pump in place for 30 seconds, allowing the hot glue to dry. Put hand soap in to the mason jar and screw the lid on. If you would like to decorate your new soap container, you can wrap some lace or twine around the top and hot glue it in place.

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