The Pair that won't go away: Classic Canvas Shoes

By Haley S. Deiser from Butler University

I bet if you were to look inside your closet right now there’d be a pair of canvas shoes. A pair of canvas shoes with tons of stains, dirt smears, and maybe even frayed laces. To you, that pair of shoes isn’t just a pair of shoes, but a memory maker. Those canvas shoes hold memories with each stain, dirt smear, and frayed shoelace. Every mark tells a story.

Did you know canvas shoes have been around for centuries? The original canvas shoe was founded in 1917 when the first world war broke out. At the time, all other resources like leather and wool were already being used to make boots and uniforms for soldiers. The only resources left were rubber and canvas. Manufacturers jumped on these resources but no one could figure out how to craft the two seamless, until an angry manufacturer got so frustrated with the process he threw canvas and rubber into a fire. And eventually figured out how the materials worked together...when heated! And Eureka! Canvas shoes! A happy accident or fate? You decide.

No matter how many different shoe styles are produced canvas shoes won’t go away! They have this casual yet sophisticated appeal to them. A carefree kind of attitude that provides a sense of freedom. That’s what makes a good pair of shoes, well, great! A pair of shoes you can slip on for all of life’s adventures. A pair of shoes you aren’t afraid to get dirty, to stain, or to make marks in. Canvas shoes are always there and will always be. They are the pair of shoes you make memories in---the pair of shoes you make memories with. So grab a pair and take them everywhere.  

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