3 Simple and Stylish Ways to Cover Up that Bikini

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It’s the middle of summer and for most of us – at least the lucky ones – our days are full of pool parties, beach bumming, and a whole lot of relaxing. This means our main attire is a bathing suit, but what are you wearing when hoping form pool to pool? My lazy instincts tell me to throw on a t-shirt with running shorts and head out the door, but then my better judgment kicks in and I at least attempt to be trendy.

If you’re like me you want to be comfortable and breezy when going to catch some rays. So here are a couple of different simple and cute ways to cover up that bikini.

First let's start off with my go to, the ever so wonderful maxi dress! If you are familiar with maxis you know they are basically the greatest invention on this planet. They are like a stylish blanket, easy to slip in and out of. Now I am not talking a dowdy moomoo, but sexy comfort. Sheer material – like in the dresses below – add coverage but still give a little something something.


The romper, the best possible combination of pants and tops out there, like the maxi they are easy to slip and out of. Pair it with some strappy sandals and a sun hat and you are ready to go from the beach to the bar in minutes. They can be worn short and sassy or long and sophisticated.


Finally the solution to the baggy t-shirt – the tunic! Creating a tossled relaxed look is the job of the tunic. Choose viberant or nuted colors to accent your bathing suit and throw in a large tote and over sized sunglasses to complete the look.



Finish your summer style with a great cover-up and your sure to turn heads at the beach! All of these looks are courtesy of Nordstroms and Victoria's Secret. 

What is your favorite bikini cover up?

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