Style your KANDALS - Kick Off Series

Have your KANDALS but don’t exactly know how to style them so they fit every aspect of your life? This week is the start of a series of blog postings where we will go through the entire KANDALS catalog and help you with some ideas on how to style your KANDALS for every occasion. To kick off the series we are going to be looking at three looks paired with KANDALS Envir Beige.

The more obvious of occasions to wear your KANDALS is in a casual setting, but that doesn't mean it is easy to come up with a functional and stylish outfit. The key is to pair the neutral color of your beige KANDALS with some bright colors and fun patterns in your outfit. Get a bold pair of short shorts, whether they are one solid pop of color or a vibrant pattern – like the ones below. If you are choosing a pattern in your bottoms, then you should chose a solid color top that compliments it. The top does not necessarily have to be a solid pattern but should not create a busy feeling. The eyelet lace on the featured top is subdued enough to where it does not over power the already exciting shorts but instead continues the textured and bright look of the outfit. If you want to add some accessories to this type of outfit, it is a good idea to think simple, a gold ring or bracelet would go nicely.



Dates are always stressful to dress for. You want to be cute yet comfortable, and not look like you’re trying too hard but still seem perfectly put together. Your KANDALS can help you pull off that effortless look. My motto is simple and sexy when it comes to date night. Throw on your favorite pair of skinny jeans - you know the ones that make your butt look great - and a loose fitted tank top. To dress it up a bit add a light blazer or a stylish kimono. Again the bright color of the jacket helps to accent the neutrals in your tank and Envir Beige KANDALs. Add in a stack of gold bangles and you are ready for a movie in the park or dinner at an outside bistro.


If you are in an office setting you may have thought it impossible to wear your KANDALS to work, but think again. It is completely possible! This dress is perfect for the office it has appropriate neck and hemlines, and the excitement is in the color. Picking a bright solid color helps the Envir Beige to blend in and add a sweet playfulness to the work environment. A pendant necklace is a good choice because it complements the length of the dress and the brass neutral keeps the simplicity.


These suggestions can be used as a launching point for you to begin styling your KANDALS your way. Stay in tune for our next KANDALS catalog style blog! For more style inspiration check out our Pinterest boards and look book!

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