Ballet Flats or Bust - Floral Edition

We are so excited to introduce our new Ballet Flat line! They have all the same benefits of KANDALS originals (scented sole, completely vegan, etc.) but in a new design and prints! Let’s meet our first pair: the Eco Ballet Flat in Flower! Here are a couple of ideas on how to style our new addition to the KANDALS family.



The vibrant pattern of these shoes makes them ideal for summer. You may be wondering, “How do I style such a fun pattern into my outfit?” Well with more patterns of course! The old taboo of mixing patterns is so 5 years ago, now it is completely acceptable and even encouraged to mix and match patterns. With floral I find that stripes go marvelously! Take these two outfits for example; the black and white stripes are neutral colors so they easily compliment the floral design of the shoes. The second outfit has the same turquoise as our KANDALS; however you do not need to stick with the same color! If you are feeling daring I would suggest a yellow or orange to add bold pops of color. A cute tennis skirt adds to the frilly and girly feel of the outfit, or you can go with my personal favorite: a pair of rock’ in tweed shorts. Tweed is another great way to add texture to an outfit while still keeping it classy. And of course we can’t forget to accessorize, we opted for a pendant necklace or over-sized hat to complete the looks! 





If you are more on the safe side, don’t fret our Flower Ballet Flats are for you too! They go great with basics that every women should have in their closet, like the LBD and denim button-up. 





Choosing a dress with a full skirt helps to simulate the ballerina style without going too costume, that is unless you choose a tulle tutuJ.  Never the less, this dress by Alaia brings the focus to the smallest part of a woman’s body and is in black which creates an even greater slimming affect. We added a little more excitement to the outfit by pairing it with a coral colored chunky choker (say that ten times fast!). Our more casual look of black skinny jeans and a denim button up is effortless and can be worn for almost any occasion.

To see the rest of our new collection visit us at You can also show us how you style your new flats by posting pictures to our Facebook or Instagram page and hashtag #kandals. 


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