Decorate your Dorm Room

It’s that time again, back to school! Textbooks and class schedules are buzzing in everyone’s mind, but we are going to focus on the fun part about getting back to college – room decorating! Whether it is a dorm room, apartment, or your own space at the sorority house it can be hard to create a small space that expresses who you are. I have done my research and found several great tips and tricks on how to make your living space super chic!


When you first arrive in your new home it may not feel so homey. There is a bare desk and bed with four even more bare walls. It can feel a little cold and unwelcoming. Ronda Chesser-Porter, author of the blog “Everyday Treasures from the Domestic Curator”, suggests bringing items from home to help ease into the new space. New décor is fun, but it can just make your room feel even more foreign. A bed set or even some pictures from home will do the trick to help create familiarity. 

When dealing with the issue of space, Chesser-Porter suggests going up - add trinkets to a book shelve, hang pictures, or get some curtains. The key is to try and utilize the off ground space. Hanging a large mirror - or several smaller ones - will help to create depth and make the room feel more open. Another trick, to create the mirage of a large room, is to use bright or light colors to help imitate sunlight. Now if you are in a renting or dorm situation you most likely are not able to paint the actual walls. The simple solution – paint your furniture. Using furniture as accent pieces helps to spice up a room.

No matter the approach it is important to create a space that is unique and comfortable for you. Better Homes and Garden has a great room planner tool, check it out below. The KANDALS team wishes you all a happy first week and successful school year!



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