Founded and run by college students in San Diego, KANDALS are a unique line of vegan, cotton comfort shoes made in Spain. A tree will be planted with every pair you purchase. 
What makes KANDALS sustainable? 
We partner with Trees for the Future, a non-profit organization, to plant trees with every pair you purchase in deforested areas of the world. Our vision is to make comfortable shoes to support the sustainability of our environment. So far, thanks to our customers, we worked with Trees for the Future to plant trees in Ethiopia.
Are KANDALS Comfortable?
Very. Normally, most canvas shoes have a single layer of canvas upper that requires breaking them in by wearing them for a while. We use premium canvas fabric that has two canvas linings and a sponge layer in between allowing the canvas to mold to your feet. No break ins no hassle; they're comfortable right from when you put them on the first time. The outsole of KANDALS shoes are made from natural rubber. To increase durability, it is attached to the upper through a process called vulcanization. The outsole is also very flexible allowing you to walk with comfort and easily fold the shoes so they can be slipped into a purse or athletic bag without hassle.
Are KANDALS Vegan Shoes?
Yes. KANDALS shoes are made out of an eco-friendly material. The upper portion of each pair of KANDALS is made with an organic cotton from Spain while is outsole is composed of natural rubber. We do not use animal products in any part of the shoe.
What makes KANDALS unique?
KANDALS shoes are scented. Yes, scented. The soles of each pair of KANDALS are dyed with a strawberry scent. We are not trying to solve foot odor problems, nor are we claiming that the scent will. The purpose is so that every time you wake up in the morning to put on your KANDALS, you get a fresh newness to your shoes. The scent is not perfumed on the fabric but dyed internally with the rubber sole prior to being assembled, making the scent subtle and long-lasting, yet allowing you to put on your daily perfume. 

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